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Telemedicine Consultations are available for established patients.   For minor problems, go to our virtual waiting room from your iPhone, android phone or tablet.  Call the office to schedule your appointment with our doctors.


 Week of January 11th 2021

        The practice has enrolled in the NYS Immunization Program.  We applied in mid   December  2020 and are waiting for vaccine to be allotted to the practice from NYS.

        We will start with health care workers and patients over 75 years of age when we receive the vaccine.

        The vaccine has been prebooked in the NYS program and we are waiting to receive it.

          We are in touch with NYS daily in attempts to obtain the vaccines for our patients and other community members in need.

        We will contact those eligible for vaccine when it becomes available.

            As soon as NYS lets us know when they will send us vaccine, we will contact patients to schedule.

           The doctors and nurses at our practice are eager to participate in the vaccine effort with NYS.

The practice doctors can see you for a scheduled urgent appointment for minor problems on a cash basis if we do not participate with your insurance.

Preserving a tradition of the doctor patient relationship.

Joanne H. Van Woert, MD

Judith M. Van Woert, MD

Joanne H. Van Woert, MDPC

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             The practice now accepts major credit cards.